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    Legacy Eye Care is your eyewear service of choice in the Stony Plain, AB area. It's our job to ensure all of our clients have access to the glasses and contacts they need to see properly.
    We are a unique eyewear boutique that offers a variety of designer frames that aren't available in other offices in the Stony Plain area. We provide a balanced approach to eye care, built around managing both your eye health and overall health.
    We chose our name, Legacy Eye Care, to reference our desire to carry on a legacy of family and hope, and leave a legacy of satisfied customers behind us. We believe in our motto: SEE AND BE SEEN.
    Drop by and see what we can do for your eyes today with our prescription sunglasses and lenses!
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Our Services

Eye exam
Eye Exams

We provide comprehensive eye exams for our customers in the market for new glasses.You should ideally receive an eye exam early enough in life to ensure proper vision development, and should continue to receive them regularly as you age. We will provide you with a vision assessment and offer our advice for eye health management, before deciding whether or not you are in need of prescription glasses. Legacy Eye Care is here to help you decide on what measures to take for your ocular health.

Contact lenses
Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are one of the most popular options for clear sight. At Legacy Eye Care, we offer lens options from a variety of brands. We offer full fitting and training of our contacts to ensure they are always the perfect fit. We also offer daily disposable contacts, transitions, multi-focals, colored contacts, and more. All of our brands are available for the most affordable price possible.

Diabetic exam
Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic retinopathy is a common complication that can be brought on by diabetes, and the only way to catch it is to perform an in-depth evaluation of the patient's retina. Fortunately, at Legacy Eye Care, we can perform diabetic eye exams for patients in Stony Plain, AB and the surrounding areas. Using OCT (optical coherence topography), we can examine your eyes and identify any conditions it may have. For diabetic eye conditions to glaucoma management and more, contact us today!

Red eye
Emergency Eye Exams

We can perform emergency eye exams to patients in need of aid with an issue pertaining to their eye. From foreign body removal to trauma treatment, our doctor understands how important it is to address the problem promptly. This includes any contact lens concerns and eye infections you may have. Our eye care center gives you everything you need to set your eye right again. Don't hesitate if you believe there is something wrong with your eyes. Visit Dr. Randhawa today.

Pediatric eye
Pediatric Eye Exams

We also perform pediatric eye exam services in order to help your child gain a better understanding of proper eye care. It's integral for your child to receive their first eye exam at six months of age, in order to gain an understanding of what can be expected from their eye care, and also catch major eye issues before they occur. If necessary, your child may be in need of kids glasses. Whatever turns your child's eye care journey takes, your child is covered every year for an eye exam with Alberta Health Care until the age of 18 and Legacy Eye Care is there for them every step of the way.

Eyeglasses Boutique
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We also provide service for:

- International Association of Iron Workers, Painters, & Structural Engineers

- Individuals with Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)


Come in to find out if your insurance is accepted!

Meet Our Team

Legacy Eye Care's venture started in March of 2019. We chose the name of Legacy Eye Care in order to carry on the legacy of family, and hope to leave a legacy behind in Stony Plain. Between starting the clinic and enjoying the joys of parenthood to a beautiful one-year-old, we have put much time and effort into ensuring our legacy leaves a lasting impact. We look forward to assisting you!

Professional Optometry Affiliations
  • ⚬ Alberta College of Optometrists
  • ⚬ Alberta Association of Optometrists
  • ⚬ The Canadian Association of Optometrists

Dr. Puneet Randhawa

Dr. Puneet Randhawa

Dr. Randhawa immigrated from India as a child to Edmonton in 1993. She grew up amongst family and friends in Edmonton but is still close to her Indian heritage and family in India. After completing her Bachelors of Science Degree at the University of Alberta in 2007, she went on to optometry school in Puerto Rico and graduated from IAUPR School of Optometry in 2011. Having completed her clinical rotations in Southern California in a multidisciplinary ophthalmology clinic, she is able to diagnose, treat and manage ocular diseases, injuries and disorders of the eye and visual system.

Patients appreciate Dr. Randhawa’s personalized care and enthusiasm for her profession. She understands that her patients are of different ages and in various stages of life, thus she tailors each eye exam to meet the visual needs of each patient. She combines her knowledge and years of experience to provide specialized care in ocular pathology, therapeutics and contact lens fittings. Dr. Randhawa’s philosophy is to live a balanced life. She is passionate about her career but is also devoted to her family and personal life. She believes in working hard, but to also make time to enjoy life with her daughter, husband and loved ones.


Danh is the practice manager here at Legacy Eye Care. All our eye care service and eyewear boutique is managed by Danh, who is organized, efficient, and determined. When it comes to finding the right eyewear and going through the process of professional eye exams, Danh is here to assist.


Kelsey is our optometric assistant and receptionist. With a friendly and social personality, she is ready to greet and assist you with any questions you may have in regards to our services and products.


Makayla is a trusted and experienced optician with Legacy Eye Care and strongly committed to excellent customer care. She is a charismatic and friendly individual with a great eye in helping you choose the right style of glasses. When our patients want to find the right frames and eyewear to look good, Makayla is ready to help. She is very experienced in dispensing and adjusting your glasses.

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